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A long maritime tradition
In the ice-filled Arctic waters, on the St. Lawrence, and on the high seas, Groupe Desgagnés commands a powerful presence among the leading maritime transport firms.
What sets us apart is our history, our experience, and our traditions. We are true mariners!
Many waves have washed over the hulls of our ships and many people have given hours, days, weeks, and years of their lives to the ocean, the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes, and Canada's Far North. These men and women are the primary resource of a firm that has weathered the times and still serves communities whose only vehicle and sole link to large urban centers is a Groupe Desgagnés vessel.

Men, women, and thousands of nautical miles... Groupe Desgagnés cultivates a vision of tomorrow that drives its development today.
Our values
Always be proud of what we do = Always be proud of what we are
Deeply anchored in each of our team members are values inspired by our intimate relationship with the sea. Like the sea, so unforgiving of every false move, Groupe Desgagnés is always relentless in its pursuit of ethics, honor, and integrity. Keeping commitments is our leitmotiv and abiding business philosophy.

The sea does not forgive errors! Perfection is the rule!

The procession of tankers moves slowly toward destination. Out front, an icebreaker cuts through mile after mile of thick ice. Maneuvers are calculated to the millimeter. There is no room for error. Without a survival suit, a man overboard would last no more than three minutes. A broken hull would provoke an environmental disaster - and tarnish a great reputation. But onboard, we know all that. Here, men of the sea must be perfect.

"It's the trifles that make perfection and perfection is no trifle" (Michelangelo)

We must continuously work with greatest attention to detail, the details that lead to perfection, always keeping in mind that perfection is no mere trifle.

Our motto: always work by these values. They are our daily companions and the foundation of our every move.
A driving force in Canadian and international merchant marine operations
Groupe Desgagnés is a Quebec conglomerate reputed for the excellence of its maritime and land operations. It is headquartered in Quebec City, with subsidiaries at major Canadian ports, in the Middle and Lower North Shore regions, and in the Eastern Canadian Arctic.

With its tankers, cargo vessels, passenger and cargo carriers, Ro/Ro, and tugboats, with its charter, ship repair, refloating, heavy machinery rental, and road transportation services, Groupe Desgagnés stands as a leader in merchant marine operations.
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